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WESTCOAST NDT is a South-African based company specializing in the non-destructive testing.

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We offer the following services: * Ultrasonic Examination and Thickness Testing * Radiographic Testing * Dye Pen Inspection * Magnetic Particle Inspection * Wall Thickness Testing * Eddy Current Testing * Spark Analysis * Borroscope Inspection * Fibre Scope Inspection

OFFICE: 022 714 2491 or 022 714 3440
PAUL DE BEER: 082 652 6810


Our technicians are qualified and certified on a high level to carry out a wide range of services to high standards. Broad experience in petro-chemical plants, major projects, mining industry, construction, offshore, Air Craft type & Systems etc. in the following: Pressured systems (Pressure Vessels, boilers, heat exchanges, storage vessels, piping, etc.) Cranes Lifting Equipment Transport Vehicles Non-Metallic Equipment

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ISO 9001 & ISO 2008 certified

Westcoast NDT complies with the Quality Management system Requirements of SABS